Covid-19 Information

We’d like to take you through the changes here at Skydive Swansea as we start jumping again. This is the most amazing experience and we hope the extra safety procedures in place will give you the confidence to come and join us in the air. All our instructors are current again for tandem skydives.

We have taken advice from our governing body British Skydiving and after going through risk assessments have adopted new procedures due to the Covid -19 Virus. For us the biggest investment we have made is in a RAPID COVID-19 FOGGING GUN. This is 99.9% effective against Covid-19. All the areas and equipment we use including the inside of the aircraft will be sanitised the night before using this.

More detailed information on this is at the end. Lots of information here so please make sure you read through and fully understand the changes. This information may change and will be updated accordingly. If you are unsure of any of the changes please contact us & Becky will be able to assist you. Please be kind to her, she’s trying her hardest 🙂


We now require all of your paperwork to be sent in via email or post at least a week before the jump. This means we can speed up the check in process. All you will need to do is pay your final balance on arrival by cash or postal order only if applicable. There are no credit card facilities at the centre.

We must have in advance of the jump date –

1. Fully completed booking form.
2. Correct medical form.
3. British Skydiving application for student provisional membership and agreement.
4. If you are doing a charity tandem skydive, proof that you have raised the minimum amount required. (You can still hand in on the day a cheque or postal order made payable to the charity for the minimum amount or more).
5. Contact information of family/friend in case of emergency.
6. Filming options need to be booked in advance with an email address of where footage will be sent.


We ask if at all possible you do not bring any spectators/friends/family with you. If you are bringing people with you, please make them aware that they can’t come into our office or the training area.The only exception to this is if the person jumping is 16/17 years of age and a parent/guardian wishes to accompany them or they require assistance.

They will be allowed access to the main airport building and car park only. The facilities at the airport are basic with not much seating area available. The canteen is still closed and at this time we are unsure if the burger van in the car park will be open. Skydive Swansea does not own the airport main building. The rooms we use are rented. The canteen toilets and communal areas are the responsibility of the airport owners. In some areas due to the size of the airport building social distancing will be difficult, for example the corridors.


A Covid- 19 questionnaire needs to be completed on the day of the jump by anyone attending the skydive centre. It can be printed – Covid questionnaire and brought on the day part filled in. IT MUST BE SIGNED AND DATED IN FRONT OF THE SKYDIVE OFFICE STAFF.We will have copies at the centre too but it will be a quicker process if you can hand this to us on arrival with you just signing and dating it in front of us.

If YES applies to any of these questions below prior to your jump please contact us as soon as possible to arrange a new date.

1. In the last 14 days, have you been in contact with someone who has symptoms that could be COVID-19 or has had a positive test for Covid-19? – This does not apply to Healthcare Professionals who have protected themselves against the virus.
2. In the last 14 days have you tested positive for COVID-19?
3. Do you now, or have you in the last 14 days had any of the following symptoms: Fever, cough, loss of sense of taste or smell, shortness of breath, chills, sore throat, diarrhoea, vomiting or muscle aches and pains?
4. In the last 42 days (six weeks) have you had any of the above symptoms and have mostly recovered but have still been left feeling a bit unwell or short of breath?
5. Have you travelled outside the UK in the last 14 days to a country that does not have a “Bridging Agreement” with the UK?
6. Do you live in a locality, or work in a facility, which has had a local lockdown order imposed and still in force?
7. While at home, are you in frequent direct contact with individuals whose health is at high risk if they are exposed to COVID-19, such as those in the Governments Vulnerable or Extremely Vulnerable and Shielded groups?
8. Are you in an Extremely Vulnerable and Shielded group?

Click Vulnerable to read about the Vulnerable groups that we recommend at this time do not come to the centre.


Before entering our office please make sure you are wearing a face covering, either a face mask or face snood/tube and use the hand sanitiser by the door. We have hand sanitisers throughout the main office and we ask that you use them frequently. If you have your own hand sanitiser please bring this with you. IF YOU ARE EXEMPT FROM WEARING A FACE COVERING THEN YOU WILL NEED TO REBOOK IN THE FUTURE BUT BEAR IN MIND WE DONT KNOW HOW LONG THIS WILL BE IN EFFECT FOR.

Anyone coming into our office will be required to have a temperature check. This is situated in the office at the check in desk.

You will need to place your forehead within 5/10cm of the sensor for this to work. If your temperature is below 37.8c/100f  you will be allowed to continue. If 37.8c/100f or above the sensor will notify us with an alarm and we will be unable to proceed with checking you in. We would need you to return home and contact us when you are able to rebook another date.

Please hand in your completed Covid-19 questionnaire – This needs to be signed and dated in front of the staff.

The check in desk has been fitted with large screens. This is to protect our customers and staff members.

Complete your payment for the jump/camera option – payable by cash or postal order only. Hand in your charity cheque/postal order if applicable.

You will then be handed some laminated information sheets to read. Once read, please place them and clipboards in the black box under our desk.

You will be told when we aim to start the briefing. Please make sure you are back in the office 5 minutes prior to this time to avoid causing delays.

Please do not enter any of the areas marked staff only.

We will also be staggering our arrival times to have less people congregating in our office at any one time. If we go on a weather hold or experience any other delay this means we may have more people on the ground than intended so please bear this in mind. Space is limited meaning social distancing whilst moving around our rooms and the airport may be difficult at all times. The main airport building is also used by other people who may not be wearing masks.

We cannot control the amount of people in the main airport building or whether other people will be wearing face coverings.


Our jumpsuits will be washed the night before at 60 degrees. It may be that the jumpsuit has already been worn by someone else that day already. We are able to sanitise them between uses. If you would prefer not to wear one please make sure you have appropriate clothing with you. You will need to be fully covered. For example long sleeved tops/jumpers and jogging bottoms. If you are wearing jeans make sure they are not tight. It can be chilly at altitude so make sure you layer up. Footwear must be trainers with laces.

You can bring your own gloves if you wish but they need to have a wrist fastening so they don’t come off in free fall. If you wish to use our gloves you can use hand sanitiser available before wearing them. We also have non latex gloves to go underneath them if you prefer.

Goggles must be worn. We have enough pairs for them to be worn just once a day and these will also be sanitised prior to use.

You will be required to wear a face snood/tube for the aircraft ride up to cover your mouth and nose. We have enough tubes/snoods to be used once a day and these will be washed at 60 degrees the night before. You may also bring your own.

Our governing body British Skydiving has made an exception that the leather hats do not need to be worn at the moment. If you wear glasses or have long hair we will still require you to wear one. We highly recommend that you wear one either way. One for comfort, warmth and to help keep the goggles secure. They cover your ears which most people prefer with the air pressure when falling so fast. They also offer a bit of protection as are padded. We are able to sanitise these against Covid 19 as detailed below using RAPID COVID-19 FOGGING liquid in a spray bottle.

Whilst you are getting ready for the jump the staff member/instructor will be using hand sanitiser and wearing a face covering.


Training is upstairs with one instructor and a member of the office staff who will be wearing face coverings. As we have staggered the arrival times there will be less people in the room. We will try to maintain social distancing as much as possible during the training. You will be required to sit on the floor and show you can adopt the landing position. When you get ready and harnessed up you will be in close contact with your instructor.

Remember no family/friends/spectators can come into our rooms whilst you are preparing for the jump. Any equipment that is given to you must not be handed to anyone else. You will need to practise your body positions on some pouffes. These will have a plastic liner on top that can be wiped down in between use.


The aircraft can take up to 16 people. When tandems are on board, we will be reducing this number. As you can appreciate no social distancing here as you will be attached to your instructor and there will be other people on board. Everyone on board must keep on their face tubes/snood & gloves. The door will be open for a short while for air circulation where safety allows. When it is your time to jump you may if you wish pull down your face covering for the jump and canopy ride. All our instructors will be wearing full face helmets.

Once you have landed we ask that you refrain from hugging/ kissing your instructor! If you are walking back to the centre keeping a distance from each other you may keep your face covering off. If you are having a ride back on the buggy with other people please keep them on.

Once you return to the centre please put on your face covering again as you enter the main office where you will be de kitted. Again you will be close to a staff member whilst the harness is taken off you who will be wearing a face covering and using hand sanitiser. A member of staff will help you with the rest of the equipment you have used.

Skydive Swansea and all its associated entities and individuals cannot guarantee your protection 100%.  If you do not wish to accept the extra risk despite all the safety measures we have taken then you should not participate in skydiving activities for the time being. We do not know how long these procedures will be in place.


Skydive Swansea has made a big investment by purchasing this fogging machine. Our staff have attended a training course in how to use it.

The night before jumping all the areas and equipment we use including the inside of the aircraft will be sanitised using this which is 99.9% effective against covid-19.

Safe space is an initiative setup to offer a level of peace of mind to the public, staff and anyone that enters a ‘safe space’ in opening hours during the Covid-19 Pandemic. To qualify an area as a safe space, a commitment has been made by Skydive Swansea that when they are open for jumping daily sanitisation will have been carried out the night before, using equipment and disinfectant with a 99.99% effectiveness in eliminating Covid-19 in all the areas they use.

The aim of fogging is to reduce to zero the number of viruses that have been introduced to a space during the hours of normal operation. A disinfectant fogger releases an ‘Ultra Low Volume’ disinfectant product to the atmosphere, the mass of droplets from the system penetrate all hard to reach areas of the area killing surface contaminates. An advantage of fogging is that the disinfecting agent reaches areas that are difficult to clean with other techniques, penetration into all nooks and crannies is achieved with fogging. Particles in the fog are so small that they remain suspended in the air long enough to kill airborne viruses and the disinfectant used is 99.99% effective in eliminating Covid-19. It also eliminates pathogens on surfaces, including ceilings and walls as well as furniture & floors or any area the fog reaches.

Fogging is a time-based process rather than a skill. What this means is that even the least motivated operator will be 99.99% effective compared to a cleaning operative undertaking conventional cleaning/disinfection by hand. When space has been fully fogged, as well as the airspace, every surface top and bottom, vertical, angled, horizontal & recessed, hard or soft furnished will have been treated and will be decontaminated against both viruses and bacteria. Certain disinfectants such as Quat’s (Vanoquat) kill the virus in seconds.

VANOQUAT Disinfection is 99.99% effective against Coronavirus COVID-19 when used at the correct dilution. VANOQUAT is a bactericidal fogging disinfectant with limited virucidal activity. It may be used to disinfect food contact surfaces in food processing applications where good hygiene practices are essential. VANOQUAT has been tested using European Standard or modified EN test methods to demonstrate bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal activity. EN tests have been carried out in the UKAS accredited Microbiology Laboratory of Evans Vanodine International PLC or at independent UKAS accredited laboratories or at independent expert laboratories, in the case of virus tests.

We are also able to use this liquid diluted in a spray bottle to use on the harness, headwear and jumpsuits if needed to be used by more than one person in a jumping day. It may leave a slight dampness on the equipment but we feel this is a small compromise considering how effective it is against the Covid-19 virus.


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